Alex Wolkov - Curriculum Vitae

Front End Developer, Web UI enthusiast

Personal Details


Date of birth :
Current Address :51, Aba Hillel, Ramat-Gan, Israel
LinkedIn profile :
Personal website :
Marital status:Single
Contact Email:[email protected]

Languages :
  • Russian- mother tongue
  • Hebrew- mother tongue
  • English- fluent


Front End
CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, Templating in Smarty, XML + XSLT, Performance optimization, JSON
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Flash
Ajax Libraries
jQuery, Motools, Zepto,
Experience With
Php, SVN, git, Unix, shell, apache, mysql, SEO



FED - The nation traffic

- Now

Client side engineering, MarkUp and Ui consulting. Loading optimization, UX optimization,Cross browser markup. CSS,HTML,Ajax heavy web applications, CSS3PIE, XML + XSLT,SVN

Web Developer - KCS


Front and Back End development, usage of open source systems (wordpress,cmsms,cs-cart) Cross browser markup, all stages from design to production. PHP,MYSQL,worpress, cmsms, cs-cart, Motools, CSS, xHTML, Apache

Web Developer - SEO leaders


Front and Back End development Getting sites up to standards, cross browser optimization PHP,MYSQL,worpress, Motools, CSS, xHTML, Apache

Web Developer - IDF


Website development, Entertainment website for solders. ASP, HTML, CSS



High Shool - Ort Afridar, Ashkelon


Self Progress, Press & Cover letter


I think the web has amazing potential, and I love to push its limits.
I'm constantly trying to learn something new and improve myself.
I am also very interested in the progress of the mobile web, and think that web apps can create a similar experience to native apps.

Here are some of my favorite projects:
iPad Simulator created with JS, CSS, HTML -

This was a personal project to see if I can duplicate the UI of the iPad.
I posted this project online and got amazing feedback with over 100K unique hits in just 3 weeks.
It got mentioned in high profile blogs such as The Guardian technology blog
Yahoo Dev blog and Hacker News
As well as over 3000 mentions on Twitter.

HTML5 video puzzle -
Webkit CSS3 only clock -

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