G+SEO – an introduction

Written by Alex Wolkov

Google+ just launched communities, which are like facebook groups, in a way they let people interested in similar ideas get together and share stuff to one another. 

The huge thing being, Communities can be public, and members can invite other members, which is much more robust then sharing circles (the only similar thing up till now to facebook groups).
So I’ve created 2 communities , an HTML5 one and a private one.

And then I tried to search my newly created Community by name, and google+ showed me another community altogether, whose name didn’t even include the search term.
Turns out I was searching for “html” and my community’s name was “html5” so it didn’t find it, what it did find is some SEO Community who’s description included the keyword HTML.


And then I realised that the search takes into account the groups description as well, so I went with something like you see below, just to make sure the HTML5 Community can be found, and it worked!

I hereby declare this ugly technique G+SEO

Since this is pretty basic, I think it will show up in MOST of the communities after they read this post, and I think google+ may want to do something about it.
I’ve also tried another hack, which is naming my group with a capital A, so that I would appear first in searches, but currently it doesn’t work, I suspect that the search engine has a relevance algorithm of some sort, but it should be too tough to figure out.

Join the community!

In any case, the Communities feature is a very good one, people love getting together and talk about specific stuff only they care about.
So join my HTML Community today, and start contributing