Amazing web collection – end of october edition

Written by Alex Wolkov

The web is full of amazing stuff, interesting articles, etc’
Every week I’ll be posting a weekly summary of what I’ve read through pocket (former Read-it-later) with my personal take on things. 
To kick this off, I’m calling this “End of October edition” 

CSS3 tucked corners effect – RedTeamDesign:

I love seeing this kind of innovative techniques! Very simple and ingenious. 

Learn how to create and use CSS3 tucked corners even when you’re using a pattern as background for the containing block in which the box live.

Flexplorer – a flex-box playground:


Flexplorer is a nice web based tool to play around with flex-box layouts, and test the various flex-box features.

The Return of the Scroll:

This article talks about the return of the antient scroll, as in the form factor of long pieces of text, 
with the introduction of the new scrolling reading mode in the iPad Mini’s iBooks.
This seems very natural to me as most of my reading is done through pocket, and it’s in the scrolling format.

The new iBooks scroll interface behaves much the same way as you would expect: slide your fingers up or down the screen to scroll in the desired direction. Is this mode better than the traditional pages approach and are we going to see other readers follow?

Apple Shake-Up Could End Real-World Images:

Very interesting post in NY-Times, on the issue of “skeuomorphism”, a design trend used heavily by apple, in which they heavily copy real world into their design. Like the stitches and the faux leather backgrounds.
Especially interesting is the fact that this issue, finds its way into  

Steve Jobs, the Apple chief executive who died a year ago, pushed the company’s software designers to use the linen texture liberally in the software for the company’s mobile devices. He did the same with many other virtual doodads that mimic the appearance and behavior of real-world things, like wooden shelves for organizing newspapers and the page-flipping motion of a book, according to people who worked with him but declined to be named to avoid Apple’s ire.

iOS Resizable App Icons Concept:

Inspired by the more living home screens of Windows Phone and Android, this concept video shows how the iOS home screen could become more. Much more!