Aelios html5 clone

Written by Alex Wolkov

Aelios weather html5 clone

I’ve released an  html5 clone of the awesome ipad app “aelios weather”.
Check it out here

aelios preview

I’m releasing this almost a year ago, after it sat lonely on my HD and collected dust.
I instantly fell in love with aelios idea and execution, and I wanted to see if it can be re-created with html5 technologies. Many of the functionality is still missing, there’s no “week view” and the weather while almost working is a dud.
Fork me on github and help me out, we can make this project a beauty

Features :

  • Smart location selector – locks to the most highly populated location
  • 24 hour virtual watch – showing midnight and noon times, featuring day and nighttime indicators
  • Rotation dial – turn the ring to see the shutter effect
  • Weather report (dummy) – shows the weather for each timeframe once clicked on location

Credits :

  • Graphics, Coding – me (alex wolkov) , @altryne
  • Jilion – creator of aelios, icon, and idea – awesome job guys, you are my heroes
  • Rotating control– @cubiq
  • Avgrund – @hakimel