Dabblet.com and “Scrubbing Values”

Written by Alex Wolkov

I was so impressed by Bret Victor’s talk at  Canadian University Software Engineering Conference!

I then read that Paul Irish had described it as “think Dabblet.com for canvas” and I had a lightbulb moment!

why not in dabblet? 

I then quickly rushed to Dabblet to see if I can fork it ( github ) and play.

One saturday later, I present you scrubbing values in dabblet.com ( DEMO )

Features : cmd/ctrl + click and drag to resize absolute lengnth values (px,em,etc)

Iphone style scrubbing, the higher you raise the cursor above the element, the higher the increment value per drag is (it’s also indicated by the lovely cursors )

Next on queue : colorpickers on color values and duration support for animations and transitions


Feel free to check the code