IE9 is better then firefox and chrome

Written by Alex Wolkov

To some of you who follow my blog, the title of this post may sound familiar. 2 years ago I posted with a similar title, only it was about ie8.

Microsoft PR dpt. has done it again. They’ve released a comparison chart, between their brand new IE9, and other browsers such as firefox and chrome.

And for one think it has to stop. Their comparison is full will half-truths and whole lies, and coming from a company that made web-developers suffer and scream in rage, it’s absurd.

IE9 is a better browser then all other IEs. It’s faster, more standard driven and all in all a decent browser. BUT (and it’s a big but) it’s not a modern browser and it’s not by far, better then Firefox or Chrome.

This recent post made me create this :

The truth behind IE9 comparison chart

Yes it may sound whiny to some, but there’s no denial that somebody at Microsoft has failed to check all the fact before posting this.