Nexus One came out, Kudos Gooogle.

Written by Alex Wolkov

It’s suppose to be the iPhone killer everybody talks about.

A cell phone which is very fast, very slick in design, interface should be awesome and so on and so forth.

Yeah I get it, direct integration with google services, all nice and fun.

But, it’s website, well it just looks like someone @ google forgot to make it, and they did it in 1 day.

Google, a corporation to whom a user interface is at most importance, the innovators and inventors of game-changing interfaces eg: gMail, gWave, etc, show you their new awesome phone, with flash video.

You have interaction of course, you can click buttons, but only the first ones, after that,everything is video, and not that good a video at that, too fast for my account, I could barely keep up with it.

In comparison to google , Nokia decided to do it properly.

I am of course talking about the NokiaN97 simulator I built a while back in the summer.

We manage to build all the gfx, and interface in a week’s time. All work and no sleep of course, but I mean, it’s a tiny company. in Total we had 4 people working on it.

I could bet that google had twise as many people, thrice as talented as we are, and…well it’s just sad in comparison.

Plus you can see the endgadget nexus on introduction m which is a very cool demonstration of how successfully the nexus crashes while trying to change totally useless video backgrounds