Windows 7 on Aspire One 150 installed with USB – a little how to

Written by Alex Wolkov

I have finally managed to get some time in order to complete this.

I’ve installed the RC of windows 7 32bit on my little netbook. And I must say, it’s wonderful.

The netbook doesn’t seem to have any problems with the Aero theme nor with several application running and behaves beautifully

Steps to transfer iso to bootable usb:

  1. backup all of you files on the disk-on-key. (this is optional but very very necessary)
  2. Format your thumb drive with Hp format utility (download link) – choose NTFS partition for faster installing.
    This step is key, because HP formats the drive with bootable options, windows formatter DOES NOT
  3. Find your win7 ISO, and extract it’s contents to a folder. You can use a wide variety of tools for this (7zip,winrar,another method)
  4. VERY IMPORTANT STEP : Change the file “bootmgr” to “NTLDR”
  5. Your USB is now BOOTABLE !!! enjoy.