IE8 is BETTER that firefox and chrome together.

Written by Alex Wolkov

This is weird.

Internet explorer, is apparently better that all other browsers.

isn’t InPrivate browsing is exacly the same as crome’s incognito mode?

thanx to igor and and always right blog

IE8 is better

  • AI

    how reliable this table is?
    looks more like MS Marketing to me…

  • admin

    It is in fact MS marketing! It’s form official IE8 website.

  • Serge Krul

    I can’t believe they wrote this pile of non-sense! This can’t be real.. It’s like April’s Fool or something..

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    OMFG, they updated it since then!
    I especially like this piece of LOL :
    “2.9 times better than Firefox in protecting against malicious malware”
    a whopping 2.9!! no more no less