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Written by Alex Wolkov

First off all, I would like to say, that I watch a LOT of tv.

I don’t really know where I get all the time for it, but I follow regularly atleast 10 shows.

Most of them are aired on American TV.

And that’s where NEXT-EPISODE comes in.

It show’s me when all of my shows will air next, a short summary about the next to be aired episode.

And one HUGE feature is the “stuff to watch” feature. It’s gold for everyone who wants to follow a series.

You just add a series to your list, and you get a list with all the episodes in that series, devided by seasons. It helps you keep track of that series in case youre doing a marathon or just watching it and don’t want to miss an episode.

one last thing, you can generate a forum signature with all of you favourite espisodes

Mine looks like this :