IE6. Must die?

Written by Alex Wolkov

In short : YES!

Internet Explorer 6 was included (and I beleive still is) with Windows XP.

In turn, XP was released in October 2001! That’s 8 years ago.

Think about it. 8 YEARS.

Die ie6! DIE!

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And yeah yeah I know…there are issues of accessibility involved, and many people simply cannot install new software (officces and GP policy ) and they are STUCK with IE6.

But personally, I don’t care.

As a webmaster, I do twise the work, trying to make up for IE6’s standart non-compliance.

  • I need to create another stylesheet (conditional comments to the resque)
  • I have to figure out what exactly is wrong with IE6 and how to fix it (google helps me here alot)
  • I have to use different graphics or extend the website with javascript to achieve transparency.
  • I have to clean up all the hair on the floor, hair I previously tore from my head in anger with IE6.

The thing is, in Israel, as little as 10% – 15% of all websites are standart compliant. That’s because nobody here really cares about web-standarts (very few do : KCS is one of them) , and it becomes something of a needed skill to know how to write mark-up for both standart-compliant browsers and otherwise(ie6 + ie7).

Ok, so I agree, when most of your clients still use ie6 🙁 , you have to build their website’s accordingly.

But personally, NO!

That’s why this blog and other personal websites I will build from now on, will not even be tested with IE6 or IE7. Well maybe IE7, but that’s about it.

IE8 is almoust here, and it’s good. Nice and standart compliant. No need for hacks of any sort.