Fade in/out effect makes text Garbled. /strange

Written by Alex Wolkov

Prologue :

Ok so i’m working on this site at work, and our creative designers decided it should have a news ticker in Javascipt. A fade-in/out kind of thing.

I used Mootools (of course) to write a simple script for this. And then I noticed something very strange. While in transition, both in Firefox and IE (6 and 7) the text got Garbled and rendered strangely.

Problem :

I then noticed this deal on another websites :



Preview :

I tried to recreate this , and I made it happen only in IE for some reason.


All that needs to be done, is to add background color to the absolute positioned elements that get faded in and out…

like so :


  • Goran

    Thank you A LOT! 🙂

    It’s just that, faded div, doesn’t have to be absolutely positioned. It’s only background that matters…


  • admin

    No problem dude. I hope that helped. And I added the position absolute because I noticed this happening in positioned elements
    guess you’re right…