The truth behind microsoft's browser comparison chart

Intro :

Microsoft has a history of false advertising. With their new browser, IE9 , this behavior continues.

Microsoft is keeping the tradition of releasing a comparison chart, glorifying their newest browser, and we wanted to shed some light on what's really going on.

This isn't our own browser comparison chart, it's a replica of lies and half truth microsoft has posted on their site, and our comments to them

From : Front End Developers who had enough

The Chart and the Truth :

Performance Firefox Chrome IE9
Fast startup and shutdown check check check
This section is misleading, fast startup is a very relative term, and is not giving any indication to an actual start up time for each browser
Fast JavaScript engine for better performance check check check
While true that in ie9, the javascript engine is much faster then previous versions, this gives no indication to how IE9 compares to other browsers in terms of javascript perfomance
Popular websites load quickly check check check
This has got to be the weirdest comparison criteria on this site. Do unpopular sites load slowly? Isn't loading speed affected by user's bandwidth also?
Full hardware acceleration for text, graphics, and video provided by default check
This section is misleading, both chrome and firefox 4 provide hardware acceleration , maybe not by default, and not for the three mentioned aspects, but it's there nonetheless.
Notification when add-ons slow browser performance check
Ease of Use
Simple browsing controls for a better browsing experience check check check
Change and add search providers within the search box check check check
Search provider suggestions as you type in the search box check check check
New Tab page includes quick access to common tasks and your favorite sites check check
Websites can be pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7 check check check
Tear-off tabs with Windows 7‌ Aero Snap check check check
Reopen accidentally closed tabs check check
Firefox has this feature implemented since 2008.
Combined search and Address bar check check
Firefox was one of the first browsers to implement this, it's called "AwesomeBar", this section is simply useless.
One can remove the searchbar from firefox very easily and use only the "awesomebar"
Visual search suggestions shown as you type check
Both Firefox and Chrome provide visual suggestions while you type both in the address bar, and in the search in page feature
Jump Lists and thumbnail preview controls for pinned sites check
Accelerators for quick access to web services without leaving the page check
Protection from malicious cross-site scripting attacks check check check
Best protection against phishing attacks check check
This section is a lie. Both Chrome and Firefox implement the Google Safebrowsing protocol. Which is to say their protection is quite similar.
Domain name highlighting in the Address bar to alert you to deceptive websites check check
Most protection against socially engineered malware check
This section seems like something microsoft just made up to give itself the lead. Either remove the "most" part, and give all three browsers a checkmark, or remove this section entirely.
Prevent others from seeing what sites you have visited on your PC check check check
Control whether certain third parties can track your browsing activity check check check
Web Standards and Compatibility
Supports standards both commonly used today and for building tomorrow’s websites, including HTML5 check check check
This is very misleading. Microsoft brags about standards they support, but fail to mention those they don't :
  • Application Cache (offline)
  • Web Workers (threads in JavaScript)
  • HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors)
  • JavaScript Strict Mode
  • ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG)
  • SMIL Animations (SVG animations)
  • File API
  • WebGL (3D)
  • CSS3 Transitions (for animations)
  • CSS3 Text Shadow
  • CSS3 Gradients
  • CSS3 Border Image
  • CSS3 Flex box model
  • ClassList APIs
  • FormData
  • HTML5 History API
  • Drag'n Drop from Desktop
WebM-encoded HTML5 video supported when a VP8 codec is installed on Windows check check check
H.264-encoded HTML5 video support check
Compatibility mode to view websites designed for older browsers check
While true that IE9 has compatibility mode, it's not really a point in IE9 advantage.
Most of the websites built to date, have support for all browsers, and then special support for IE browsers. With compatibility mode, the user is turning on that special support. Instead of focusing on rendering the sites correctly, microsoft introduces the magic button to make sites work.
Developer Tools
Comprehensive tool set (HTML, CSS, JavaScript editing, profiling, network inspection) check check check
This section is confusing, while ie9 provides some support for network inspection,it's not robust enough, and web developers prefer to use tools like fiddler in IE.
Developer tools built-in to the browser check check
While true that firebug doesn't come built in with Firefox, it is provided as an extension, and is much better tool for the web developer then built in IE9 tools.
Tools that show pages in different rendering engines to let developers understand and debug browser differences check
This is relevant only to IE.
Other browsers have an built-in update notification mechanism, which updates the rendering engine. Making this section not-relevant.